A year of not shopping
Ten years ago our family swore off shopping for two months starting on Boxing Day. We called it a Shopping Embargo and it was one of the most popular challenges on my blog at that time. We have revisited the Shopping Embargo on and off since then, but at the tail end of December 2015 my husband and I decided that we would not make any unnecessary or impulse purchases and stop shopping recreationally for a full year. 

2016 was a tough slog at times but we did it.

I'd love to tell you the story of HOW we did it: what helped us, what didn't, and some valuable lessons we learned along the way. I have spent this past year writing about our Shopping Embargo and will be publishing an e-book about our experience later this year.   

If you:

  • want to save money
  • would like to spend quality time with your family that doesn't involve a trip to the mall
  • are feeling overwhelmed or trapped by the amount of stuff in your home and in your life
  • want to tread a little lighter on the planet
  • can't imagine how a person STOPS shopping, even for a week
... this might be a good read for you. I've learned so many things this past year and I'd love to share it all with you.

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